Sandalan used to be called “Balindis”, which means diagonal in English. The name was supposedly given beacuse the street which runs through the barrio “runs diagonally with the rising sun”. Regrettably, the source document failed to explain the etymology of Sandalan. The barrio was founded in 1832 it had 48 famillies in all. During the early part of the Japanese occupation, Sandalan was momentarily the seat of the Provincial Government. Provincial officials evacuated to the barrio and held office in one of the houses there.

Sandalan is situated at approximately 13.8055, 121.1362, in the island of Luzon. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 104.2 meters or 341.9 feet above mean sea level.

Source:  History and Cultural Life of the Barrio of Coliat

Barangay Hall

Barangay Sandalan Organizational Chart

Barangay Officials

Zosimo Q. Malata

MyraD. Bayaborda

Marciano M. Semira

Barangay Chairman



Barangay Councilors

Wilberto R. De Castro

Amado D. Malata

Joseph R. Mangampo

Jowy D. Bagui

Roilan G. Bagon

Victor R. Ocampo

Benedicto D. De Castro

Sk Officials

Joel Joseph T. Semira

Jasmin D. Semira

Krizel Mae D. Bagon

Sk Chairman

Sk Secretary

Sk Treasurer

Sk Councilors

Joseph O. Capuno

Benett D. De Boria

Aaron S. Ilagan

Angelo R. Vasquez

Kathleen Joyce D. De Castro

Irene Kate D. Daz

Nerisa V. Pesigan

BHW and BNS and CDW Teacher

Aurea R. Anonuevo

Marina S. Ilagan

CDW Teacher



Leonida D. Joble

Santa Pedrosa P. Roallos

Priscila D. Semira

Lanie M. De Castro

Leonora D. Jacinto

Barangay Tanod Officials

Ronaldo P. De Castro

Chief Tanod

Barangay Tanod

Ronaldo P. De Castro

Nathaniel S. Reyes

Nelson D. De Castro

Reynaldo D. Pesigan

Ronaldo B. De Castro

Albert R. Malata

Alejandro R. Vasquez

Bartolome R. De Castro

Johny V. Roallos

Elpido D. De Castro

Jeffrey S. De Castro

Isagani R. Roallos

Roy R. De Castro

Randy M. Macaundong

Marcelo B. Babaran

Olivar B. De Castro

Maximo V. Roallos


Nelo P. Reyes

Pedro M. Semira

Aristeo R. Ocampo

Eleuterio P. Almedilla

Vicente P. De Castro

Eladio M. Capuno

Marcelo M. Semira

Efren V. Ocampo

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