The word “sabang” was supposed to mean the place where two or more rivers meet. This barrio was established in 1832 and its original settlers were the Caiga, Alvarez and Mendoza families. The old Sabang Bridge was built in 1913, but was blown up during the war. It was rebuilt in 1952 by the United States Rehabilitation Administration. The blowing up of the bridge in 1941 meant that Sabang was inaccessible to troops of the Japanese Imperial Army. The barrio was used as headquarters by guerrillas of the Fil-American Irregular Troops or FAIT.

Sabang is situated at approximately 13.7976, 121.1059, in the island of Luzon. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 72.5 meters or 237.9 feet above mean sea level.

Source: History and Cultural Life of the Barrio Sabang

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