Ibaan is bounded in the north by Lipa City and Municipality of San Jose, on the east by the Municipalities of Rosario and Taysan, on the south by Batangas City, on the west by Batangas City and San Jose.

It is situated at 122 degrees 7’10” north latitude and 13 degrees 49′ 3” east longitude on the geographical coordinates.

Land Area

The Municipality of Ibaan, Batangas has a total land area of 6,796 hectares. This land area is divided into 26 barangays of which seven (7) are within the urban influence of the Poblacion and nineteen (19) are rural.

Eighty-two point sixty-three percent (82.63%) of the total land area of the municipality is categorized as agricultural. These include areas planted to sugarcane, rice, corn and high value crops. Ibaan has 11 rice farming barangays, all lowland being served by NIA and communal irrigation systems.

About 80% of households engage in livestock farming consisting of swine, cattle and poultry raising.

Water Bodies

Rivers, lakes, and creeks  

       a. Malaking Ilog – Barangay Catandala

       b. Sabang River  – Barangay Sabang

       c. Malainin River – Barangay Malainin

       d. Bungahan River – Barangay Bungahan

       e. Lucsuhin River – Barangay Lucsuhin

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