Slope and Topography

Ibaan rises 124 meters above sea level gradually sloping down towards Batangas City. The Municipality is generally plain with slopes ranging from 0-3% in the Poblacion and most of the barangay and from 3-8% in Barangay Panghayaan, Mabalor, Catandala and Quilo. The locality has low susceptibility to erosion.

 Climate and Rainfall

Climate is of the first type where there are two pronounced seasons, wet from April to September and dry for the rest of the year.

 Soil Type and Fertility

A large portion of the Municipality of Ibaan has soil of the clay loam type, dark-brown in color. The soil tends to bake and crack when dry and uncultivated but it crumbles easily under optimum moisture. Barangay Salaban I & II, Malainin, Lapu-lapu, Sto. Nino and Coliat have Ibaan loam soil which is brown and slightly friable and granular form while Barangay Balanga and Bungahan have a gravelly phase of Ibaan Loam.

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