Lucsuhin was established in 1708 and its name is taken from the Tagalog “lukso” or jump. The source document, however, failed to say why. The barrio’s original settlers were the Saez, Bago, Panganiban, Roxas, de Castro and Tila families. Its earliest barrio lieutenants were Pedro Saez, Juan Manalo, Elpidio de Castro, Crispin Barbosa, Nicanor Perez, Martin Sarmiento, Iluminado Ilao, Hugo Panganiban, Timoteo Madlangbayan and Jesus Bago. The barrio was one of the barrios of Ibaan which served as an evacuation center for refugees fleeing Japanese control in World War II.

Lucsuhin is situated at approximately 13.8080, 121.1644, in the island of Luzon. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 111.3 meters or 365.2 feet above mean sea level.

Source: History and Cultural Life of the Barrio Lucsuhin

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