Coliat was supposed to have been named after a vine which grew abundantly in the area. This vine bore a fruit similar to the lanzones.The barrio was supposed to have been established early in the eighteenth century. Its original settlers were the Añonuevo and Perez families. As was the case also in Calamias, the Guardia Civil also set up something of a concentration camp in Coliat to separate barrio folks from the brigands or “tulisanes” as they were called. The barrio also hosted evacuees from the towns of Batangas, Lipa and Rosario during World War II.

Coliat is situated at approximately 13.8167, 121.1251, in the island of Luzon. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 116.2 meters or 381.2 feet above mean sea level.

Source: History and Cultural Life of the Barrio of Coliat

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