This barrio used to be called Pook (place) because the houses were “grouped together in sections.” It was officially founded as early as 1832. During the early part of the Japanese occupation, municipal officials of Ibaan all evacuated to this barrio and tried to perform their local government functions from there. Balanga’s earliest barrio lieutenants were Juan Comia, Anastacio Semira, Patricio Semira, Lumbanio Semira, Juan Evangelista, Cepriano Semira, Telesforo Semira, Agino Atienza, Leoncio Semira, Juan Villanueva, Anastacio de Castro, Santos de Castro and Andres Abaday.

Balanga is situated at approximately 13.8004, 121.1423, in the island of Luzon. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 100.2 meters or 328.7 feet above mean sea level.

Source: History and Cultural Life of the Barrio of Balanga

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